Nasayem Ain

Nasayem Ain began production and distribution audio and visual in the status of its founding blocks in the field of television production drama and theater in 2012 AD, and based on the methodology of sound and sound by seeking to provide a series of dramas Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, and confirmed its successes in the provision of a large number of works The drama, which has devoted its presence to the Saudi and Gulf scenes to grow in progressive and deliberate steps, and to confirm over time the success of the approach of its artistic career, which was based on the insightful vision of those who carried out this great artistic achievement, which formed the new features and the presence of many Of dramas, to be the first step in changing the course of dramatic action with multiple tracks and different theses, while through the team work to address the sincere and bold in its work that seek the wishes of viewers .. To continue the march with outstanding work that received the attention of the public and critics, Has set its position among the major Gulf and Arab production companies.

Our Vision As a leading and pioneering production company in the drama industry, we are always looking for everything new and distinctive to be always at the forefront of the process, both Gulf and Arab. We work constantly and persistently to develop drama to touch the important aspects of the reality of the Arab public. Quality, and quality of production by supporting the creative work of the talented and talented cadres that qualify them to raise the level and professionalism of production.

Our goals are through an accumulation of ambitious and distinct experiences. Nasayem possessed the ability to provide more dramatic theses that touch the reality of contemporary Arab societies, and provide continuous drama production that keeps pace with the development of media visions by presenting our issues transparently, clearly and far from exaggeration.

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